This window shall be informed by Political Economy Analysis (PEA). Issues identified as being the best ones for influencing governance changes forms the basis for thematic funding. In-depth research and analysis will be conducted by a team of experts recruited by the Foundation to inform any interventions in the result area under the thematic call. The main objectives of the in-depth PEA for each of the identified issues is to inform the content of the thematic call for project proposal development. The analysis will indicate the suitability of the issue for the Thematic Call as well as indicating clearly the vested interests surrounding it that can either realistically be drawn into collaboration or work against the desired change. Specifically, the PEA will aim to:

  • Refine the issues to determine specific governance problems encapsulated by the issue.
  • Carry out a detailed problem analysis of the issues using the political economy approach and highlight any previous efforts to address the problem.
  • Bring out the specific institutional changes (i.e. changes in the formal and informal rules and practices) required to address the problem identified.
  • Assess the feasibility of implementing a project intervention on the issue through a detailed stakeholder analysis to clearly identify which stakeholders would be for reforms, and which ones may be opposed to the proposed reforms.
  • Provide insights on how they could be engaged through projects to achieve a positive balance for change.

These issues then will pass through a series of filters against agreed criteria to establish their consistency with the Tilitonse Foundations Theory of Change (ToC). Criteria to be used for further filtering process includes:

  1. Feasibility of the proposed project ideas, also taking into account time frame. Considering that any support from development partners to the Tilitonse Foundation has a specific timeframe, other issues require long term solutions and interventions hence might not be feasible.
  2. Ability to demonstrate results in the period of implementation. Focus shall be on quick wins for Tilitonse Foundation and grant partners.
  3. Traction with NSA influence, that is, can the NSAs easily influence or manage to influence the change, mandate etc.
  4. Looking at areas that will help consolidate the gains made by the Foundation and avoid duplication of efforts with other grant facilities and development partners.

This information is important to assist the Foundation to make an informed choice about the best issues to work with and develop the specific criteria for bid selection around each of the thematic calls. The issues together with the underpinning analysis will then be presented to the Board to approve the issues for a thematic call. Once approved, bids around a specific issue from different implementing agents will be considered and selected based on the set criteria for the thematic call, as elaborated under the application guidelines for thematic call window.

Thematic Call 2020. Details here.