Safeguarding in Development Work

This afternoon we are having an interesting conversation on Safeguarding. Questions are being asked as to what it means to the anchor partners in the Shfiting the Power Programme and how it fits in with local culture and laws. We are all committed to creating a safe space to work and ensuring staff and communities […]

A visit to Grassroots Action Support Organisation (GASO) in Golomoti, Dedza

Our visiting partners in the Shift the Power Programme visited the Grassroots Action Support Organisation (GASO) in Golomoti, Dedza today. They witnessed first hand the power of community-led development and philanthropy to raise financial resources to address the unmet needs of the community. GASO also demonstrated the positive impact of the Shift the Power Programme’s […]

Tilitonse Foundation and Anchor Partners Visit CBNRM Offices in Area 43, Lilongwe

Tilitonse Foundation, Zambian Governance Foundation, West Africa Civil Society Institute, STAR Ghana foundation and our development partners visited Community – Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) offices in Area 43, Lilongwe as part of our Shift the Power Programme. During the visit, we had the privilege of touring their offices and also appreciate the dedication and […]

Malawi Shifting the Power Programme April Convening

Tilitonse Foundation is hosting the third convening event for the Shift the Power Programme partners this week. The event is being attended by supporting partners Comic Relief and the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office of the United Kingdom (FCDO). Also attending are anchor partners who are implementing the same programme in Zambia and Ghana, the […]