The Rapid Response window is a flexible funding facility that is designed to facilitate a quick response to emerging strategic opportunities for influencing institutional reforms in Malawi. The on-going political dynamics in Malawi creates opportunities and entry points that would otherwise be lost if the Foundation is to respond in the normal way using its traditional grant making windows. These rely on longer application and approval processes before actual funding takes place and therefore would miss the possible tipping points within the tide of change. This window has been designed in such a way to respond to emerging issues, thereby promoting NSAs to be proactive and not only reactionary. These funds would allow the Foundation to be responsive to Non State Actors requests in relation to emerging governance issues that are on national interest and opportunities in the governance sector, and that have potential to impact the Foundation’s work.

Identification of opportunities is through requests from NSAs. The proposed activities would be such that they cannot wait for the normal call to be issued and should satisfy the Foundation’s Theory of Change. The Foundation will establish a Technical Working Group from development partners, selected NSAs and academics which will be consulted on a regular basis to gain their advice on the strategic justification for the rapid response action to be taken, and the way in which the intervention may be expected to contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Foundation. Projects supported under this window have a duration of less than one year. Unsolicited proposals shall be received throughout the year. Detailed guidelines and eligibility criteria are available for the window.

If you are interested in reaching out to us concerning rapid response because of an emerging opportunity, please get in touch with us.