Goals of this Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan spells out the Foundation’s strategic direction in facilitating processes that ensure that NSAs working in the governance sector have capacities and finances to perform their duties. The strategic plan has taken into consideration other initiatives and various actors working on governance in Malawi, and the Foundation interventions have been developed recognizing the niche and comparative advantage the organization has developed over the years from the operations of the Tilitonse Program.

For the period of 2018-2020 which this Strategic Plan covers for, five strategic areas have been prioritized:

  1. Active citizenship
  2. Local governance
  3. Gender and social inclusion
  4. Economic governance
  5. Rule of law

These five strategic areas are aimed to be reached through increasing capacity of NSAs to actively promote citizens’ engagement in democratic governance and in upholding citizens’ rights by the state. This main strategic objective is followed by the strategic objectives for the next 5 years being:

  •  Promote accountable, responsive and inclusive governance.
  • Strengthen the organisational capacity of grant partners and the Foundation
  • Establish and strengthen partnerships and networks.

In support of these strategic objectives, the Foundation will also operationalize interventions on capacity development, monitoring, evaluation and learning, and sustainability in order to effectively contribute towards its vision and realize its mission.

The Strategic Plan was developed in a participatory manner to ensure relevance and ownership of the results. The process entailed consultations with a cross section of groups and individual stakeholders of the Foundation to obtain their inputs on lessons that can be learnt from the life of the Tilitonse Programme, as well as their perceptions of the issues that need to be addressed in the 2018 – 2022 Strategic Plan. The process was ably supported by an Expert Reference Group comprising representatives of Directors of the Foundation and its management team, as well as representatives of funding partners. The development of the strategic Plan was also informed by a comprehensive review of literature related to governance and also by a situational and a political economy analysis as well as lessons learnt from the Tilitonse program.

Core Objectives

Tilitonse Foundation’s mandate based on the following core objectives:

  1. To build capacity in Non – State Actors (NSAs) so as to promote, strengthen, enhance and entrench good governance and build sustainability;
  2. To mobilize and provide funds to NSAs for the promotion and enhancement of good
    governance in Malawi;
  3. To provide a platform for NSAs for improving inclusivity, transparency, accountability and responsiveness in governance in Malawi;
  4. To promote and encourage NSAs to engage in societal transformation through catalyzing more transparent, accountable, inclusive and responsive governance.

For more information see the full Tilitonse Foundation Strategic Plan.