Monitoring Visit by Tilitonse Foundation to CYECE

Tilitonse Foundation Team is currently in Dedza, where Center for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE) is conducting an Advocacy meeting with Service Providers and duty bearers on effective Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) policy implementation.

As part of the Strengthening Food and Nutrition Security Programme in Malawi, Tilitonse Foundation is closely collaborating with CSOs, including CYECE. CYECE is actively engaged in working with 5 villages, namely Chilikumwendo, Solomoni, Kawerama, Kuthambala, and Kasepa in Traditional Authority Chilikumwendo, Dedza.

During the advocacy meeting, important discussions were held on existing laws crucial for the well-being of these communities. Key points highlighted include ensuring no households animals are found in another person’s Farm, prioritizing hygiene practices, engaging in irrigation farming, and avoiding unnecessary selling of farm fields to vendors.

This monitoring visit by Tilitonse Foundation to CYECE exemplifies the dedication and commitment of Tilitonse Foundation to ensure the effective implementation of FNS policies for the betterment of the communities in Dedza.