Terms of Reference for Conducting a Training in Advocacy and Political Economy Analysis


Download PDF: ToR Provision of Advocacy and Political Economy

Introduction and Background

Tilitonse Foundation is implementing a project titled Strengthening Food and Nutrition Security Programming in Malawi in collaboration with Civil Society Agriculture Network (CISANET) and Welthungerhilfe (WHH) with financial support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through Welthungerhilfe. The main objective of this project is to promote the capacity of civil society organisations in Malawi to improve food security and strengthen resilience. Specifically, the project aims to improve CSO’s institutional capacity in; (i) the areas of management, administration, and programming (ii) Strengthen CSO’s capacity in evidence based Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) programming (iii) Rejuvenate three civil society networks in Dedza, Ntcheu and Nsanje districts and ensure that they effectively coordinate the activities of their members and carrying out joint actions.

As part of the project activities, Tilitonse Foundation conducted a capacity assessment for the ten CSOs in eleven thematic areas that included political economy, networking, coalition building and advocacy to identify the capacity gaps that the CSOs have. It was identified that most of the organizations are unable to do political economy analysis in their programming as well as conduct evidence based advocacy.

Tilitonse Foundation would therefore like to engage the services of a consultant to train all the 10 CSOs in political economy, networking, coalition building and advocacy.

Objectives of Work

The main objective of this assignment is to train 10 CSOs in political economy, networking, coalition building and advocacy

Specifically, the consultant is to:

  1. Train CSOs in political economy analysis, changes in power relationships among stakeholders and development of strategic partnership
  2. Equip organizations with skills in lobbying and advocacy
  3. Train organizations in conducting evidence based advocacy and mechanisms in linkages for advocacy
  4. Build the organizations capacity to manage political risks for advocacy work

Scope of Work

The duties and responsibilities of the consultant/s will be:

  1. Review second capacity assessment reports for the 10 CSOs
  2. Review CSOs advocacy strategies
  3. Train organizations in political economy analysis, networking, coalition building and advocacy
  4. Design and develop Training content
  5. Conduct the training
  6. Write a final training report


  1. An Inception report detailing understanding of the assignment, methodology to be used and timelines
  2. Training plan and Materials
  3. Final Report of the Training

Duration and Timing of the Assignment

The assignment is planned to take place in January 2024


Minimum of a Masters Degree in Political science, Mass media communication/Communication management, Development Studies, Business Administration, Project management and any other relevant fields


  1. At least 5 years’ experience in similar roles and assignments
  2. Good presentation and communication skills
  3. Experience in conducting corporate governance
  4. Demonstrable experience in working with local civil society organizations

Application Process

Interested and qualified Consultants/service providers are invited to apply. The service providers must submit the following documents/information:

  1. A technical proposal detailing applicants understanding of ToRs, proposed methodology and applicant’s key member’s CV.
  2. A financial proposal (in Malawi kwacha) should be included in the submission
  3. Contacts (email and phone numbers) of 3 former clients or referees
  4. A detailed list of similar assignments that the consultant has conducted in the past 3 years


Full Technical and Financial Proposals should be submitted to the addresses below, by 6 November 2023;

Physical Address Postal Address Email Address
Tilitonse Foundation Plot No. 128, Lizulu Street Area 47 Sector 5 LILONGWE Malawi Tilitonse Foundation P.O. Box 31815 LILONGWE  Malawi e.nyirenda@tilitonsefoundation.org with a copy to submissions@tilitonsefoundation.org