Expression Of Interest to Participate In a Conference On Recognizing Malawian CSO Efforts Towards Shift the Power Movement


The Tilitonse Foundation is organizing a Shift The Power Conference that will take place in Lilongwe from 20th to 21st September 2023.

The conference will bring together civil society organizations from across Malawi who are currently working towards reforming development aid and promoting locally-led solutions through the agendas of localization, decolonization, local and community philanthropy, community led development, systems change and other Shift the Power elements.

The event is meant to share, identify, collect and consolidate experiences and knowledge on CSO interventions on Shift the Power. It will also be used to brainstorm on Malawi’s participation to the Shift the Power Global Summit to be held in Bogota, Colombia from 5th to 7th December 2023.

The Foundation is, therefore, calling for expressions of interest from civil society organizations who would like to attend the event in Lilongwe in September. Interested organizations should have unique experiences, perspectives or knowledge in shift the power or reforming development aid. The conference will also require some participants to make share their practical knowledge and experiences.

Submission Process:

Interested organizations are invited to demonstrate their willingness to participate by submitting a one-page Expression of Interest which should contain the following:

  1. An introductory statement detailing the organizations reason for existence and focus areas.
  2. An overview of the work the organization is doing in the Shift the Power space as regards development (philanthropy, localization, decolonization, self-care, solidarity, local and community philanthropy, community led development, systems change, among others).

Expressions of interest should be submitted to the following address not later than 17:00 hrs. on 24th August, 2023. Submissions may also be made in Chichewa and by voice note of 3 to 5 minutes maximum for those who prefer this method. For voice note submissions, please use the contact number for instructions on how to submit.

Physical Address Postal Address Email Address
Tilitonse Foundation Plot No. 128, Lizulu Street Area 47 Sector 5 LILONGWE Malawi Tilitonse Foundation P.O. Box 31815 LILONGWE  Malawi with a copy to


Contact number +265 887 005 797