Tilitonse Foundation Call for Proposal: Open Call Window

Tilitonse Foundation is a registered company limited by guarantee which was established in 2016 as a grant making facility to support Malawian Non State Actors to engage in governance interventions. The Foundation’s work is within the Malawi Government development policy frameworks such us the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III and global frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the African Union Agenda 2063 and the Paris Declaration. Tilitonse Foundation supports Non State Actors to play a role in consolidation and upscaling good governance in Malawi. The Foundation developed a Strategic Plan to guide its operations for the period 2018 – 2022 whose overall goal is to increase capacity of NSAs to actively promote citizens’ engagement in democratic governance and in upholding citizens’ rights by the state.

Tilitonse Foundation believes that increased capacity of Non State Actors and promoting levels of citizens’ engagement in democratic governance are important to catalyse increased accountability, responsiveness and inclusivity of the state and other service providers. The approach that Tilitonse is advocating is one of collaboration, partnerships, coalition building, and having strong linkages to grassroots communities.

Tilitonse Foundation is therefore calling for Concept Notes under the Open Call Window for Funding from Non State Actors (local NGOs, international NGOs, Networks and Coalitions, umbrella organizations, Community Based Organizations, the media and private sector professional bodies). The Concept Notes shall be reviewed, and those shortlisted shall be requested to develop full proposals to be considered for funding. The Call for Concept Notes and Proposals is an open, competitive process and funding shall be provided to organizations that are successful in this process.

The Concept Notes should contribute towards achievement of the Foundation’s goal and objectives stipulated in its Strategic Plan. Specifically, the Concept Notes should contribute towards the following result areas:

  • Active citizenship: Duties of citizens; Voice and action; Accountability and transparency; Democratic freedom to participate; Empowerment to participate
  • Local governance: Roles of the Council and committees; Roles of the Secretariat; Councilors and Members of Parliament; Traditional leaders; People centered development planning
  • Gender and social inclusion: Gender Equality; Gender based violence; Marginalized groups
  • Economic governance: Access to economic opportunities; Equity of access to capital; Equity of distribution of resources; Pro-poor planning / budgeting; Access to economic skills; Extractive industry; Agriculture/marketing and pricing
  • Rule of law: Access to justice; Juvenile justice; Knowledge of and appeal to the law; Minority rights; Respect for the law; Anti-Corruption.

The Concept Notes should be submitted to the addresses below, by…………..:

Physical Address Postal Address Email Address
Tilitonse Foundation
Plot No. 128, Lizulu Street
Area 47 Sector 5
Tilitonse Foundation
P.O. Box 31815

Application guidelines and forms can be downloaded from the Tilitonse Foundation  website (www.tilitonsefoundation.org) or can be obtained by writing to info@tilitonsefoundation.org or by calling the Foundation on 01761444/01762466 and ask for Towera Nkhoma or Amakhosi Jere.

Deadline for receipt of concept notes is 17th August 2018 at 12:00 Hours

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